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Kariera naukowa kobiet


The academic career of women

Słowa kluczowe: kariera naukowa, kobieta-naukowiec.

Key words: academic career, female academic.

Abstract: Statistical data shows that more Polish women than Polish men have a degree in higher education. More and more women also obtain a doctoral degree. However, decidedly fewer of them are awarded a post-doctoral degree (habilitation) and professorship. What is more, few of female academics gain the highest positions on a career ladder. Then, it is worth asking the question why it is so that women drop out somewhere "on the way" at the various stages of their academic career? The author attempts to answer it in this article. The phenomenon of "disappearing", "leaking" or "dropping out" of female academics has been termed "a leaky pipeline". It seems to be one of the major problems in the sector of academic research and higher education. Therefore, its cause is worth getting to know and so is looking at the share of women in this sector based on national statistical data.