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Podejście Skoncentrowane na Rozwiązaniach w doskonaleniu zawodowym nauczycieli

Teresa Zubrzycka-Maciąg

Solution-Focused Approach in the professional development of teachers

Słowa kluczowe: Podejście Skoncentrowane na Rozwiązaniach, doskonalenie zawodowe nauczycieli, edukacja skoncentrowana na rozwiązaniach

Key words: Solution-Focused Approach, professional development of teachers, solution-focused education

Abstract: Based both on internal and external evaluation results, teacher training programmes invariably stress the need for skills which would allow them to tackle various problems occurring in educational institutions. The most serious of these issues pertain to the psychosocial functioning of students and teachers at school. The latter frequently experience stress, disappointment, and work overload, if they concentrate on problems. This paper proposes a new method of teacher training pursuant to the Solution-Focused Approach. The role of the student, the teacher, and their mutual relationship changes as this approach puts emphasis on the resources and accomplishments of both. The paper presents the possibilities of applying the Solution-Focused Approach to the professional development of teachers as well as to the educational process. It also summarises the results of a survey on teachers’ attitude towards work and self-development in two aspects: problem-solving and solution-seeking approach.