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Ochotnicze Hufce Pracy – instytucja państwowa dla młodzieży i pracy z młodzieżą

Edward Nycz

Voluntary Labour Corps – a state-run institution for the youth and youth work

Słowa kluczowe: młodzież, marginalizacja, instytucja, efektywność działania instytucji.

Key words: youth, marginalization, institution, efficiency of institution`s activity.

Abstract: The article presents Voluntary Labour Corps (OHP) as an educational institution of the labour market in Poland. It attends difficult, young people who are socially excluded. The OHP is seen as the institution of the second chance, which embraces the needs of young people in a competent and complex way. It concentrates on providing the youth with proper education and preventing them from further social exclusion. The institution undertakes actions to include the youth in normal, adult life. Research shows that it is effective in its work and more than half of the graduates obtain a stable professional and social position.