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Zrównoważony rozwój w kształceniu pedagogów

Ligia Tuszyńska, Agnieszka Pawlak

Sustainable development in educating teachers

Słowa kluczowe: pedagogika, zrównoważony rozwój, studenci pedagogiki, wartości.

Key words: pedagogy, sustainable development, students of pedagogy, values.

Abstract: Pedagogy is a social science which is based on values and it considers upbringing of an individual and functioning of a person in social relationships. Education for sustainable development helps to develop values such as human well-being, feeling of community and responsibility. According to the common interests and goals of education for sustainable development and pedagogy, the authors of the article postulate that the cooperation of varied fields of science should be deepened, particularly in the context of training new teachers. The authors' research shows that students of pedagogy declare they are familiar with terms related to sustainable development. However, the majority of respondents do not feel well prepared to teach about issues in this area. What is more, teachers demonstrate small interest in teaching and upbringing as means to create responsible society. The article concludes that sustainable development should be introduced into teacher training programmes. It may prepare future teachers to be educational leaders for sustainable development in their environments.