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Koncepcja zastosowania wyników diagnozy ergonomicznej w szkoleniach

Magdalena ROZMUS, Dariusz MICHALAK

A concept of applying the results of ergonomics diagnosis in training

Słowa kluczowe: szkolenie, diagnoza ergonomiczna, metoda OWAS, metoda RULA.

Key words: training, ergonomics diagnosis, OWAS, RULA.

Abstract: The way in which workers perform activities is one of the factors that influence ergonomics at workplace. Workers' well–being as well as health can be badly influenced due to improper performing of activities. Therefore, it is vital that workers have knowledge about desired ways of performing particular activities as well as about the consequences of not obeying ergonomics rules at work. Proper training is necessary. To develop training materials regarding performing work according to ergonomics rules, the results of ergonomics diagnosis at a given work place can be used. In particular, OWAS and RULA methods as well as 3D modelling can be used to gain information regarding the desired and harmful body postures taken at work as well as the arrangement of equipment at workplace.