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Koncepcja oceny wybranych usług edukacyjnych

Beata Belina

Słowa kluczowe: usługi edukacyjne, kształcenie ustawiczne, ocena dojrzałości wdrożeniowej usług w obszarze edukacji.

Key words: educational services, continuing education, assessment of implementation readiness of educational services.

Summary: The development of modern economies and societies depend significantly on the use of knowledge generating technical progress. The most important factors of knowledge-based economy include education and trainings and innovation systems, which determine the competitiveness of the initiatives undertaken. Education, as an important element of the development of economy, is a consumer good, which is later on commercialised. Polish market of continuing education is a market, which offers services coming from educational institutions directed to the sale of specific types of services. These services include knowledge and skills. Therefore, already in the phase of the service concept it is very important to consider its quality and usefulness.
In the article the author presents the model version of the assessment method for the implementation readiness of educational services, especially with trainings and vocational courses taken into consideration. The assessment system assumes the use of the algorithm for the identification of advancement phase of a solution on different levels. An open structure of a system enables the modification of a set of assessment criteria on different levels and the enlargement of service categories.