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Zmiany kształcenia i pracy farmaceutów w świetle praw pacjenta

Katarzyna KOWALIK

Changes of the education and work of pharmacists in the light of patients' rights

Słowa kluczowe: magister farmacji, technik farmaceutyczny, kształcenie, zadania zawodowe, prawa pacjenta.

Key words: pharmacist, technician pharmacist, education, professional tasks, patient`s rights.

Abstract: The article presents a current diagnosis of the state of education and work in regulated medical professions – technician pharmacist and pharmacist based on the legal basis for performing professions, educational standards, curricula, occupational tasks and the work environment. The specifics of the pharmacists' workplace were presented, as well as statutory requirements regarding management positions, drug sales requirements, differences in entitlements, and professional responsibility were analyzed. It was shown that the pharmacist, due to the broader catalog of professional qualifications, fulfills all patients 'rights, the technician pharmacist does not implement all patients' rights because of the narrower scope of education. The technician pharmaists to obtain a master's degree in pharmacy should complete a university education.The applicable legislation does not provide for the technician's pharmaceutist qualifications to be supplemented to the level of a pharmacist in the form of qualifying professional courses.