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Laboratoria innowacji w rozwoju kompetencji personalnych i społecznych


Innovation laboratories in the development of personal and social competences

Słowa kluczowe: kompetencje personalne, kompetencje społeczne, laboratorium innowacji, rozwój zasobów ludzkich, kompetencje zawodowe.

Key words: personal competence, social competence, innovation laboratory, human resources development, professional competence.

Abstract: The article presents employers` requirements towards the employees and candidates for work in Poland based on the reports elaborated within the research project “Human Capital Balance” carried out jointly by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Jagiellonian University (Centre for Evaluation and Analysis of Public Policies). The biggest gaps in the competences of employees and candidates for work were also identified. Against the background of the results of the Human Capital Balance, the experiences of the Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute in Radom in the implementation and use of Innovation Laboratories (i-Lab) in the development of soft competences, i.e. those that should be developed to the greatest extent on the labour market, have been presented.