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Aspiracje życiowe studentów kierunku pedagogika w Polsce, na Łotwie i Białorusi


Life aspirations among university students of the faculty of Pedagogy in Poland, Latvia and Belarus

Słowa kluczowe: aspiracje życiowe, młodzież akademicka, plany życiowe, studenci, studenci z Polski, studenci z Łotwy, studenci na Białorusi.

Key words: life aspirations, university students, life plans, Polish students, Latvian students, Belarusian students.

Abstract: The following article focuses on life aspirations found out among university students of pedagogy faculties in Poland, Latvia and Belarus. The aim of the research was to answer the following questions: How the respondents assume their current educational work experience based on their knowledge? Whether they find it necesary to gain further education for their professional needs? What is the hierarchy of their life aims? What is the respondents attitude towards their own future plans? Do they discuss their future plans with close friends? What personality features and social-demographic factors influence differentiation of life aspirations among university students in individual countries? The research was carried out during scientific internship period in 2016 among 246 respondents in total. The method of diagnostic survey with the use of the author`s questionnaire of auditorial survey was used and the analysis of the material was conducted with the support of SPSS programme.