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Zarządzanie innowacjami organizacyjnymi w edukacji

Magda Chmiel, Krystyna Korneta

Organizational innovations management in education

Słowa kluczowe: innowacje organizacyjne, innowacje w edukacji, zarządzanie w edukacji.

Key words: organizational innovations, innovations in education, management in education.

Abstract: Management in education is growing in importance because of the major changes in the education system that requires efficiency and effectiveness of running. Organizational innovations are an important tool for making changes in the entire education management system. It was assumed that the organizational innovation in education consists mainly in introducing changes to the education system or an educational institution and relates to its structure, processes or pedagogical procedures. The aim of the article is to assess the implemented organizational innovations at the central, regional and local levels and to identify key areas contributing to their effective management. The work uses a critical literature review focused on innovation management and analysis of randomly selected educational programs, as well as a case description; conclusions were formulated as well. The conclusion of the analysis is the dependence between the management of organizational innovations and the scope of their implementation. Educational innovations implemented at the central level can be an example and model for local initiatives. The innovative methodology used by central institutions will guarantee greater effectiveness in achieving success.