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Zastosowanie metodologii „pigułek wiedzy” i technologii Augmented Reality w szkoleniu nauczycieli w zakresie wykorzystania TIK w nauczaniu

Magdalena Rozmus, Dariusz Michalak, Andrzej Turewicz, Radosław Lesisz

The application of “knowledge pills” methodology and Augmented Reality technology in teacher training as an example of integrating ICT with teaching

Słowa kluczowe: e-learning, „pigułki wiedzy”, rzeczywistość rozszerzona, TIK, nauczanie, szkolenie, nauczyciele.

Key words: e-learning, “knowledge pills”, Augmented Reality, ICT, teaching, training, teachers.

Abstract: The ultimate result of training should be acquisition of practical skills and be able to apply those abilities for particular purposes. The process of the development of such training depends on its goal, subject, and target group (trainees). The article will discuss two types of tools to support students' involvement in the learning process – knowledge pills and the Augmented Reality online application. The article also presents the results of the e-MOTIVE project (Methods and tools for efficient use of existing resources and for support of the development of effective training content by VET teachers).