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Portret studentów państwowych wyższych szkół zawodowych


Portrait of students of state schools of higher vocational education

Słowa kluczowe: studenci, państwowe wyższe szkoły zawodowe, portret studentów.

Key words: students, state schools of higher vocational education, portrait of students.

Abstract: The aim of this article is an attempt to outline portrait of students of state schools of higher vocational education (PWSZ). This portrait was constructed on the basis of secondary data in the form of statistical data provided by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Central Statistical Office, as well as primary data which was the result of a survey conducted by the author among over 2.4 thousand students from 10 out of 36 universities discussed. The results of the analysis lead to the conclusion that students of PWSZ are mostly women who study mainly at first degree studies in the field of technical, social, economic and health sciences. A large part of them are people from less affluent families, who live a short distance from the university. These people show very little activity under the Erasmus+ program, but much more when it comes to activities in student organizations. Unfortunately a small percentage of students of PWSZ intend to stay in the city where they study after graduation – a large proportion of people plan to go to the capital of a province or other big city or abroad.