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Kształcenie zawodowe w Czechach

Sebastian TABOŁ

Vocational education in the Czech Republic

Słowa kluczowe: Czechy, kształcenie zawodowe, szkoła średnia, matura.

Key words: Czech Republic, vocational education, secondary school, school leaving examination.

Abstract: A great contribution to education in the Czech Republic was made by the empress Maria Theresa who created the foundations of the education system in the Czech Republic. However, the crucial year for the formation of the Czech vocational education system was 1869, when there was enacted the education law, developed by Leopold Hausner, the Minister of Education of the Austrian Empire, therefore known as Hausner`s law. Some elements of this law are discernible in the modern education system in the Czech Republic. A high school`s student in the Czech Republic can complete vocational education on variety of ways which are presented in the article. The secondary vocational school is in crisis because of the declining number of students who decide to choose this type of education. Students have learning opportunities at 1100 specializations. From 2013 a new school-leaving examination was implemented. However, the problem is the low pass rate of the school-leaving examination, which currently stands at 69%.