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Образовательные потребности взрослого человека в условиях современной цивилизации


Potrzeby edukacyjne dorosłych w warunkach współczesnej cywilizacji

Słowa kluczowe: edukacja dorosłych, postulaty, wymagania edukacyjne.

Key words: adult education, demands, educational needs.

Abstract: Social and economic transformations which are taking place in the Ukrainian society, the development of market relations, fast scientific and technical progress require the implementation of the model of the continuous knowledge upgrading that is necessary for the successful professional and personal development. The problem of educational needs is of an interdisciplinary field which is defined by the complex of social and humanitarian sciences. The determining place among these sciences belongs to philosophy of education, sociology and pedagogy. The author is of the opinion that the investigation of educational needs of Ukrainian citizens will allow to characterize the educational situation in the country, to substantiate the mechanisms of regulating separate subsystems of modern adult education and to identify some problems which hinder the development of this educational branch. There have been considered the questions of meeting the educational needs of the population as well as the peculiarities of forming the educational needs. In addition, the author’s understanding of the term “educational needs” and their characteristic features have been offered in the paper. The article represents the results of investigating educational needs in one of Ukraine’s regions, the purpose of which was to identify the requirement level of educational needs, to assess the quality of the provided educational services, to distinguish the motives of their use and the perspectives of their dissemination in the region.