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Kompetencje opiekuna osoby starszej – implikacje europejskie


A senior carer`s competences – European implications

Słowa kluczowe: kompetencje, starość, projekt Edu.Care, opiekun osoby starszej.

Key words: competences, old age, Edu.Care project, a senior carer.

Abstract: This article shows competences, primarily professional ones, for a seniorcarer as a certain type of desirable skills of every human striving to perform professional, but also family and social activities effectively. It emphasizes the fact of becoming very or even strategically important, the competences enabling efficient and innovative use of knowledge and professional skills in a difficult environment and specific conditions/circumstances, frequently accompanying the processes entailed in senior caregiving and, simultaneously, leading to empowerment in the activities and tasks making up this processes. Caregiving is perceived as a peculiar relationship facilitating the development and change of the participants of this process, that is a carer and a senior. Referring to the studies and activities carried out within Edu.Care project, besides the key competences, specific competences and those significant for a senior carer profile were defined and named.