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Aktywność społeczna seniorów (z cukrzycą), w kontekście edukacji zdrowotnej


The meaning of social activity of elders with diabetes in the context of health education

Słowa kluczowe: edukacja zdrowotna, cukrzyca, starość, aktywność społeczna, towarzyska, kulturalna, rodzinna.

Key words: health education; diabetes; old age; social, sociable, cultural and family activity.

Abstract: Chronic disease influences an everyday life. A classic example of a chronic disease is diabetes. The prevalence of diabetes increases with age. Nowadays, most of diabetic patiens are over the age of 60. Dealing with its course and consequences requires the use of different remedial strategies. One of these strategies is health education. It gives the basis for disease prevention and functioning of those having diabetes in everyday life. Research shows that health education has a beneficial effect on patients dealing with the disease and functioning in everyday life.