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New issue 3/2023 with:


Problems of adult education in Poland and in the world

 Innovation in adult education 

Educational and vocational needs of adults



                                           In solidarity with Ukraine

On Thursday morning, February 24, 2022, information about the open aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine reached us with disbelief. We are deeply shocked by the fact that Russian troops attacked our eastern neighbor, violated international agreements and standards respected in the contemporary world and destroyed the current order in Europe.

The aggression of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine is a shameful act and we condemn it with all our might. It is all the more painful for us because the Journal of Continuing Education has a long-lasting tradition of cooperation with the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine.

We stand in solidarity with people of science, education and the entire heroic Ukrainian nation. We assure you of our support and commitment to the aid organized by Poland for Ukraine.



New Cedefop publication on apprenticeships in Europe


We encourage you to read the CEDEFOP publication "Apprenticeship governance and in-company training: where labor market and education meet: Cedefop community of apprenticeship experts: short papers", where Andrzej Stępnikowski, PhD from Łukasiewicz – ITEE presents his article on the vocational preparation of young employees in Poland



IV Congress of Education


The National Agency of the Erasmus + Program and the European Solidarity Corps in Poland invites you to the 4th Education Congress New Perspectives. Wider Horizons. Erasmus + | EKS 2021-2027.