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Specjalne potrzeby edukacyjne w kształceniu akademickim


Special educational needs in academic education

Słowa kluczowe: specjalne potrzeby edukacyjne, szkolnictwo wyższe, jakość kształcenia.

Key words: special educational needs (SEN), higher education, quality of education.

Streszczenie: Universities strive to ensure all students have equal opportunities for education and their possibility of participating fully in life of the academic community, due to a disability, is not anyhow limited or diminished. Therefore, adaptation of didactic methods and study environments to the expectations of the students with special educational needs has become a necessity. Among many amenities, one can enlist the following: the possibility of preparing materials in several alternative forms of writing, changing the examination and receiving credits procedures as well as adapting the organization of the examination session. Moreover, dedicated support centres emerge. Their duty is to assist students with various types and degrees of disability as well as counselling students in situations of life crisis who need help and consulting from specialists. This article introduces types of special educational needs, their history as well as forms and methods of working with people with SEN.