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Nauczyciel ucznia z niepełnosprawnością – rozwój kompetencji zawodowych


A teacher of a student with a disability – the development of professional competences

Słowa kluczowe: pedagog specjalny, nauczyciel wspomagający, kompetencje zawodowe nau-czyciela, uczeń z niepełnosprawnością.

Key words: special education teacher, supporting teacher, teacher's professional competence, student with a disability.

Abstract: Being a teacher is a responsibility for a young person, for one`s education and preparation for handling in adult life. In order to meet the tasks of the teacher, a person must have appropriate qualifications and professional competences. The situation of being a teacher of a student with a disability is of particular importance, when, next to the expectations of teachers in general, the specific ones resulting from being a special education teacher, a teacher supporting the student, come into play. The article gives a theoretical reflection on the teacher's competence and discusses the results from research on the opinions and experiences of students with disabilities about possibilities and limitations of continuous improvement of professional role of teachers, which appears to be a necessity in a modern school.