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Edukacja przez teatr jako element procesu resocjalizacyjnego dorosłych (na przykładzie Aresztu Śledczego w Gliwicach)

Adam SZYMURA, Eugeniusz SZYMIK

The education through theater as a part of the process of social reintegration of adults (a case study from the Remand Centre in Gliwice)

Słowa kluczowe: Areszt Śledczy w Gliwicach, teatr więzienny, przedstawienie, resocjalizacja.

Key words: Remand Centre in Gliwice, prison theatre, performance, rehabilitation.

Abstract: The aim of the article is to bring closer the activity of prison theatre in The Remand Centre in Gliwice and its impact on prisoners as one of the elements of the rehabilitation process. The original statement of the educator and the performance director was quoted, as well as the reports from participants – “actors” participating rehearsals and the performance, playing their roles according to the script. The conclusion includes the information about 2LT Adam Szymura’s performance premiere entitled “Zakonnicy i wariaci”, which is the culmination of his several-month work with the prison theatre team.