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Real-time and formative evaluation elements in university education in Hungary

Viktória H. BAKONY, Zoltan ILLES

Ewaluacja w czasie rzeczywistym i ocenianie kształtujące w edukacji akademickiej na Węgrzech

Słowa kluczowe: edukacja formalna, ewaluacja, ocenianie kształtujące, edukacja akademicka.

Key words: formal education, evaluation, formative evaluation, university education.

Abstract: Nowadays we all are the witnesses of the rapid changes in technology around us, the changes in students’ learning attitudes and the new demands of the labour market. These features altogether are inducing a pronounced alteration in university education as well because educators are urged to give an adequate answer for these challenges to ensure an effective learning environment. The main goal is to strengthen motivation and the self-assessment of students towards learning – which is needed later in lifelong learning process too. It is commonly known how important the immediate, real time feedback is in the learning process, however going back only thirty years we find out that only a very few types of evaluations – mainly summative evaluations – were used in practice. The paper is focused on the evaluation systems being modified in education, especially at ELTE Informatics Faculty, Hungary.