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Rzemieślnicze przygotowanie zawodowe na przykładzie wybranych informacji o zawodach

Andrzej Wojciech Stępnikowski

Craft vocational training on the example of selected descriptions about occupations

Słowa kluczowe: tytuł zawodowy, edukacja, kwalifikacje, rozwój zawodowy, zatrudnienie.

Key words: professional title, education, qualifications, career development, employment.

Abstract: On the Polish ground there are currently 132 professions corresponding to a given type of craft in a dozen or so branches. They are characterized by pluriformity of hard, i.e. professional qualifications and a common set of personal and social competences for apprentices, as well as soft and pedagogical competences for masters – defined in the standards of examination requirements for masters in crafts. The system of vocational preparation and confirmation of qualifications in crafts is not usually exposed in society, teachers – and consequently career counsellors – still have too little knowledge on this subject. Craft in pedagogy is often reduced to the history of education in the Middle Ages (education in a foreign home). There is still a lack of a coherent vision of crafts and their role in education, employment and economy policies. Project “Developing, supplementing and updating information on occupations and its dissemination with the use of modern communication tools INFODORADCA+” thanks to broad involvement of craftsmen and crafts organizations in the creation of descriptions – can be a real response to the diagnosed information gap. The consultations on a model description of professions conducted from the very beginning with the participation of representatives of the craftsmanship brought to light specific information on craftsmanship training – including the specificity of individual professions, learning and further training in the profession, as well as the confirmation of the qualifications of journeymen and masters.