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Informacje o zawodach – nowy zasób wiedzy integrujący rynek pracy z edukacją

Krzysztof Symela

Information about occupations – a new resource of knowledge integrating the labour market with education

Słowa kluczowe: rynek pracy, instytucje rynku pracy, informacja o zawodzie, kompetencje zawodowe, kwalifikacje, efekty uczenia się, klasyfikacja zawodów i specjalności, klasyfikacja zawodów szkolnictwa branżowego, Zintegrowany System Kwalifikacji, Zintegrowany Rejestr Kwalifikacji.

Key words: labour market, labour market institutions, information about occupation, professional competences, qualifications, learning outcomes, classification of occupations and specializations, classification of vocational education occupations, Integrated Qualifications System, Integrated Qualifications Register.

Abstract: Information and knowledge are integrally connected with each other. They are perceived as a new good on the labour market necessary to effectively compete in contemporary information and knowledge-based society. In the case of the PO WER project “Developing, supplementing and updating information about occupations and its dissemination with the use of modern communication tools – INFODORADCA+” information concentrates on the specifics of performing of a given occupation and its working environment, describes educational requirements, employment possibilities, and professional development opportunities as well as ways to certify qualifications and professional competences defined by the learning outcomes: knowledge, skills and social competences. The joint knowledge of many thousands of experts from various areas of economic and social life and 30 months (2017–2019) of hard work done by 5 Polish institutions (project partners) resulted in the development of information about 1000 occupations. Consequently, a critical mass of the information about occupations has been achieved and it has already become a systemic tool useful for employment purposes as well as formal and non-formal education. Information about occupations illustrates current needs of the labour market; it is methodologically structured according to the description model adopted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, and directly related to the Integrated Qualifications System. INFODORADCA+ database contains descriptions of information about 1000 occupations and it is available on the Public Employment Services website. It is an open resource with unlimited access. Information gathered there can be processed by individuals for various purposes and thus develop new information or new knowledge for the benefit of others in many contexts (personal, institutional and systemic). It could be said that INFODORADCA+ database integrates the labour market with education. It may be a useful tool for planning educational and career development paths, assisting the unemployed, designing educational programmes, preparing job offers, or while recruitment. The database may also be of help when new market qualifications are introduced into the Integrated Qualifications System. However, we also need to think about the future and the dynamically changing labour market which will undoubtedly generate new occupations, change the existing ones and eliminate those that are not useful. It will be a challenge for the system and the INFODORADCA+ database owner to face those changes.