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Trenażery wspomagające kształcenie i doskonalenie zawodowe strażaków oraz aspirantów straży pożarnej


Real and virtual training systems for firefighters and firemen aspirants

Słowa kluczowe: trenażery, środki dydaktyczne, rzeczywistość wirtualna, straż pożarna.

Key words: training, teaching aids, virtual reality, firefighters.

Abstract: Training and professional development of people working in dangerous conditions requires the use of special teaching aids and resources dedicated to specific activities. A good example are the rescue operations performed by firefighters, especially in the area of particularly dangerous fire-fighting activities. The multi-stage training process utilizing various types of physical and virtual training system is helpful in preparing firefighters for work, including learning of fire-fighting procedures. Moreover such training systems give unique opportunity to get the experience of extinguishing a fire in a room engulfed by flames.