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Nauczyciel edukacji dla bezpieczeństwa jako organizator procesu dydaktyczno-wychowawczego


Education for security teacher as the organizer of the educational and teaching process

Słowa kluczowe: nauczyciel, edukacja dla bezpieczeństwa, dydaktyka, osobowość, kompetencje.

Key words: teacher, education for security, didactics, personality, competence.

Abstract: The contemporary role of a teacher and a tutor is not limited to indirect influence on the knowledge-pupil plane, contemporary teachers are autonomous individuals who teach and educate with their style and manner. The mere presence of the teacher in the school environment reminds pupils of what they have to do and how to behave. It is not therefore irrelevant what kind of an idea of a teacher and a tutor is shaped in the pupils’ minds. The present education system imposes on teachers a variety of tasks connected with planning and organizing the education process including fulfilling different roles which, if performed appropriately, may contribute to the pupils’ educational success.