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Praktyki studentów pedagogiki w Polsce i Anglii


Pedagogy students’ apprenticeship in Polish and English university education

Słowa kluczowe: pedagogika wczesnoszkolna, praktyka pedagogiczna, umiejętności, student pedagogiki.

Key words: early childhood education, pedagogy apprenticeship, skills, pedagogy student.

Abstract: The presented comparative analysis of internship systems typical of university studies in the pedagogy of early childhood education in Poland and the United Kingdom aims to indicate the significance of this sphere of practical expertise for the process of future teachers’ university education. Theoretical knowledge, which is acquired due to the participation in university lectures and classes, must be supplemented by practical skills that can be only attained due to participant observation and taking relevant actions in educational facilities. The number of hours spent on pedagogy internship for future teachers differs significantly in the Polish and English university education, which becomes evident when one realizes that UK students spend nearly ten times more hours on pedagogy internship than Polish students. Does it mean that a pedagogy student educated in the UK is better prepared for their future vocation than his/her equal in Poland? Since pedagogy internship constitutes a very significant (albeit not the only one) element of university education in pedagogy, the following analyses and considerations aim to initiate a debate concerning the issue. At this point, one has to emphasize that the sheer number of hours spent on pedagogy internship is definitely less significant that the quality, diversity, adequacy and orientation towards practical issues that characterize a given type of traineeship.