We invite authors from Poland and abroad to publish working papers in our journal. The journal is a scientific quarterly. It is published four times a year in a printed version 8-10 quire sheets and in an online extended (one additional chapter) version.
The mission of the Polish Journal on Continuing Education is to support the science development through publishing valuable manuscripts, important for the international cooperation, exchange of good practices, mainly by the way of presenting the results of most recent own research.
  1. General information
    • We publish only peer-reviewed original manuscripts dedicated to the research of the continuing vocational education in the field of andragogy, labour pedagogy, and comparative pedagogy with reference to the state of knowledge in the world.
    • We counteract cases of ghost-writing and guest authorship as they are examples of scientific dishonesty and unreliance. All such cases will be reported to the authorities.
    • Authors submit in the journal declarations that their manuscripts have not been and will not be published in any other journal/book, about the contribution of particular authors in the preparation of the publication, they quote financial sources of the publication, information about the author (name, surname, place of work, address, number of telephone and fax, e-mail addres.
  2. Articles
    • The articles hould contain a title, key words, abstract in Polish and English, introduction, theory framework, methodological assumptions, analysis, interpretation and research results, summary with recommendations and bibliography (citation of at least 10 international sources).
    • The article should not be longer than 8 pages (20 000 characters), other information about conferences and books reviews up to 2 pages (6000 characters).
    • The article should be prepared in Microsoft Word, Times New Roman 11 font, single space between lines.
    • The article shall be submitted or sent to the journal secretary in an electronic form (e-mail) or in a printed version.
  3. Authors
    • Submitting a manuscript for publication authors accept general conditions (included in the information for authors, in the reviewing procedure and in the publication agreement) and forms of cooperation with reviewers and the journal.
    • Authors do not receive fees except for commissioned articles.
    • Articles are printed in thematic sections. After the initial acceptance, the Author is informed within 30 days by e-mail about the provisional publication date.
    • The journal reserves the right to make abridgements and change titles without the Author’s permission.
    • Authors receive two copies of the journal with their articles. tel. +48 48 3644778
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Scientific-research quarterly
has been published since 1993
Circulation: 500 copies
Journal scored by The Ministry of
Science and Higher Education - 20 scores
Registered in The Central European
Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (CEJSH)
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